The Power of Sex

The Power of Sex


At the age of fourteen, D'mico was sold by her own foster mother to a local cop by the name of Lonnie where she encountered countless forms of abuse. Now an adult and free of her abuser, D'mico is a woman looking for hope and love. She eventually finds it in her man, Tyreke. D'mico has everything going for her on the outside. She is beautiful and blessed with a man who seems to want for nothing. But the little girl inside of D'mico will not let her forgive and forget the abuse inflicted on her as a child, and she is convinced that Tyreke's "long work hours" and his involvement in the illegal drug trade are hiding nothing but lies. Emptiness leads D'mico into the arms of Chauncey. With an insatiable hunger for vengeance, Chauncey has captured D'mico's mind through the power of sex and has made it his mission to make sure that D'mico and Tyreke are never happy again. He feels he has been unjustly wronged, and he will not stop until they have paid. He will not stop until they have paid with their blood. Can Tyreke keep up with the demands of the streets and the Cuban Mafia? Will D'mico find her way before it's too late? What will prove more powerful-love, money, or sex.

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Brittany Rain Butler, Michelle Powers
Paperback | 374 pages
152 x 229 x 20mm | 499g
Publication date
03 Aug 2016
Rainepicera Publication